Client breakfast held by KCG Partners

An interactive client breakfast was held by KCG Partners on 19 April 2018 on the conditions of the employment of foreign nationals in Hungary. The presentation gave an overview of the legislation governing the employment of third country nationals in Hungary, which might be a possible solution for the challenges resulted by labour shortage. The discussions also covered the main features of the authorisation procedures and the sanctions applicable in case of non-compliance. The client breakfast ended up with an informal conversation, where the participants could share their practical experiences. Many thanks to our colleague, Eszter Ila-Horváth for the successful presentation!

Presentation of KCG Partners on the conference of the Hungarian-French Chamber of Commerce

The conference „La Hongrie pratique”, organised by the Hungarian-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry was held on 25 September 2017. The purpose of this event was to assist the integration of French and francophone employees, job seekers and entrepreneurs upon their arrival in Hungary. The conference was opened by the speech of Mr. Éric Fournier, the French Ambassador to Hungary.

Ownership registration with „zero certificate”

In 2016 the president of the Hungarian Curia set up a new jurisprudence analysing working group for the purpose of examination of the lower courts’ practice in condominium related cases. The analysis involved cases between the period of 1 January 2014 and 31 December 2015, and covered 25 different questions.