New provisions on maternity leave

The provisions of the Hungarian Labour Code on the employees’ leave entitlement will be modified as of 1 January 2020. The new provisions are aimed at extending the employees’ entitlement to take leave for the purpose of providing care for their child.

The conditions of lawfulness of a warning strike

In September 2019, the Hungarian Supreme Court (Curia) stated in its decision that even in case of a warning strike, the employer must be notified on the strike at a time that allows the exercise of its right to prevent damages caused by the stop of operations, and also to perform its obligation to protect life and property and to perform any organisational work related to these rights and obligations.

New EU directive on work-life balance

On 4 April 2019 the European Parliament adopted a new Directive on paternity leave and non-transferable parental leave. The aim of the new provisions is to promote gender equality by boosting women’s representation in the workplace and strengthening the role of fathers in the family, and also to enable working parents to reconcile work and family commitments.