New rules on property regimes for international couples

According to the European Commission’s findings, there are about 16 million couples in the EU who live in a ‘cross border situation’, meaning that they are the citizens of and/or own properties in different EU Member States. On 23 June 2016, two regulations aimed at determining the rules applicable to property regimes for married couples or registered partners in cross border situations were approved by the Members of the European Parliament. The new rules will be applicable in 18 EU Member States that joined the enhanced cooperation initiative on this matter.

The European Commission adopted the EU-US Privacy Shield

On 29 February 2016, the European Commission presented the draft decision texts on the new framework for transatlantic exchange of personal data, i.e. the Privacy Shield, which was intended to replace the invalidated Safe Harbour agreement. Following the opinion of the European data protection authorities (Article 29 Working Party) of 13 April and the European Parliament resolution of 26 May 2016, the Commission formally adopted the Privacy Shield on 12 July 2016 and it has entered into force immediately after.

Important Factors of Greenfield Investments in Hungary

In a classical sense, a “greenfield investment” is the construction of a new industrial unit in a territory previously used as agricultural area. The selected land is under agricultural use, and public utilities and infrastructure necessary for the industrial unit are typically not available. In many cases already existing industrial plants do not have any other choice but to expand towards the neighboring agricultural parcels. In the course of a greenfield investment, developers have to face several circumstances which differ from those of a “classic” or a “brownfield” industrial project.

Uniform principles for the protection of the cityscape

A new act on the protection of the cityscape has been approved by the Hungarian Parliament recently for the purpose of supporting construction investments as well as protecting and forming the specific cityscape of cities and villages. Under the new rules, the elements of the cityscape protection, the liability for the cityscape requirements and information about the cityscape requirements shall be defined in a local legal regulation, to be issued by the municipality.

Amendment to employment-related acts

The Hungarian Parliament has recently decided on the amendment of several acts regulating certain employment related matters such as the Act on Occupational Safety, for the purpose of ensuring better compliance with the EU laws. According to the new provisions, the physician working at the company providing occupational health services to the employer, might be involved in the investigation of an accident at work, and in case of a major accident, his participation would be obligatory. In addition, an election shall be organized to appoint an occupational safety representative of the employees, if at least 20 employees are employed at the company.